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finished version of this WIP from last february! the same WIP that, after changing the colors/ideas a bunch of times, led to this piece, but i went back to the old version and started over. 

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"You’ve got pink on you <3"

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Today was a good day. I recovered form a week of not enough sleep, ate delicious foods and watched my favourite things(//´▽`//)ノ*

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Hi everyone!! We’re not far from funding the Companion Croquis Kickstarter!! So I’d like to post a giveaway for two users :D Two lucky winners will win:

  • one copy of Companion Croquis & digital e-book!
  • original of Coal or Fawn shown above
  • some bonus prints !!

There’s some rules though!

  • period ends 8th Sept 2014
  • must have ask box open & respond in 24hrs
  • likes, reblogs count (please no more than 1 per day )
  • don’t have to follow me, but that’d be nice lol!
  • Winners will be selected using

Any help for the last stretch of the project is really appreciated!!! Thank you everyone *7*//!!

STRETCH GOALS ADDED!!! A big thank you to everyone who supported this project!! We are now funded! Here are some of the things we’ll be doing with any extra funding:

$10,000: BOOK UPGRADE. Companion Croquis will have higher quality paper, and the cover will have UV gloss and/or gold foil.

$15,000: EXTRA PAGES. The artbook will come with 8 additional pages.

$20,000: E-BOOK -> ZINE. All artbooks will have the .PDF as a physical book. Backers who pledged for the $8 and $15 tiers can get this for a small add-on.

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Master Katara and Avatar Korra giving an official waterbending demonstration. 

(man how I’ve missed drawing waterbending!) Bigger size on deviantart.

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Linocut done!
More to come, learned a lot about what does and doesn’t work with this one.
If I started an etsy to sell prints and paintings, would that be of interest?

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Brave soldier boy

Comes marching home

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smoke creature


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still a work-in-progress animation of korra doing that spirit-cleansing technique. referenced from the scene in Book 2, episode 14. i don’t know how far i’ll take it but im still fixing it anyway. im so proud of it eventhoughithinkmyhandisabouttofalloff//cries;;;;;

don’t repost on tumblr or other websites and don’t remove the caption.

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Some originals are now available on storenvy!

noon reblog!

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